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Thinking about career choices for your students? Looking for some guidance?

Our careers film aimed at 10-15-year-olds below, is a fun way to start introducing school children to the world of Marine and the type of jobs that are available.

Our presenter Nevaeh, had great joy in interviewing the professionals and discussing what they did in their specific occupations.

Further resources are available on our website along with links to FE Colleges & Training Providers  who to contact, in order to create more interest in Marine careers.

Our Boat Shows in London Boat Show & Southampton Boat Show are further ways to stimulate interest and have a more practical approach to working within the Marine Industry.

For FE careers information, please view the careers film aimed at 15-21-year-olds.

The following curriculum materials have been designed to add educational value to your visit to a boat show, if you are unable to attend you can still use these resources in the classroom.

The materials have links to the national curriculum.

Curriculum materials available to download:

The development of these curriculum materials have been kindly sponsored by the Worshipful Company of Shipwrights http://www.shipwrights.co.uk and The London Nautical School.

For the Shipwrights the focus is on maritime and waterborne projects and activities. The Charitable Fund makes grants to many maritime charities, both well-known and lesser-known and to youth organisations, and provides bursaries to help young people undertake sail training voyages. The Educational Fund supports higher and further maritime-related education and technical training, from degree courses in naval architecture to wooden boat building.

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