Business Support

Business Support

Assisting you with the day to day running of your business.

The British Marine Member Loyalty Scheme is a great new programme designed to celebrate and reward our valued members for helping to expand our community.

This exclusive programme allows you to earn British Marine (BM) Credits by spreading the word about the benefits of membership and by being nominated by the new members you introduce.  

These credits can then be redeemed against membership renewals, specialist training courses, and more. Discover how you can contribute to our growing community and reap the benefits today. 

Learn more about the British Marine Member Loyalty Scheme.

Industry-focused assistance and information to mitigate critical risks in an emergency, safeguarding your business in the event of a serious incident or disruption.

  • 24/7 bespoke crisis management and PR support from our team of experts.
  • Support includes handling the media, advising how to manage staff through the process and connecting you with helpful resources, organisations and businesses.
  • Access templates and guides to inform your company’s crisis management and disaster recovery planning.

Read more about our Crisis Management Support.

Find the right advice, at the right price and the at the right time, saving you £000’s on legal fees.

  • 24-hour free legal helpline from our specialist team at BusinessCare.
  • Access a comprehensive range of customisable legal documents, contracts and letter templates.
  • Free Legal health check service, unlimited legal document review service and comprehensive searchable law guide.

Read more about our 24/7 Legal Support and BusinessCare.

Ensure that your business is being run safely and in-line with the latest industry best practice, rules and regulations.

  • Sector specific resources and industry codes of practice to help your business meet its obligations in a clear, concise and achievable manner.
  • Technical consultative services to help you understand and comply with applicable sector specific legislation to ensure your product is legal.
  • Legislative updates keeping you up to date with changes before they happen, giving you the resources and time to adapt your business including the Quarterly Technical report covering all regulatory and technical changes that have occurred in the last quarter; an essential tool to ensure you are keeping up to date with the changes that affect the whole of the industry.

Read more about our Technical Support.

Understand the complexity of VAT regulations. From tax compliance to its crucial role in financial management, business strategy, risk mitigation and overall business success.

  • Bespoke advice and guidance on all issues related to VAT.
  • Access to a dedicated VAT advisor (worth £100 an hour).
  • Unlock member only FAQs relating to VAT.

Read more about our VAT guidance.

Enhance employee well-being, streamline processes and boost your business's profitability by adhering to Health and Safety regulations and by adopting industry best practice. 

  • Access our Comprehensive Health and Safety guide with guidance on a wide range of health and safety topics.
  • Download Sector Guides, covering the specific needs of Boat Building and Repairs, Marinas and Boatyards and Boat Use at Work.
  • Bespoke advice and guidance on your specific Health and Safety requirements from our experts.

Read more about our Health and Safety guidance.

Sustainability best practice advice including guidance on net-zero targets

Giving you the tools to understand your business’s environmental footprint, gain competitive advantage and be prepared for current and future legislation.

  • Access industry-specific knowledge of the compliance, legislation and the risks and challenges our industry faces.
  • Environmental consultative services to help you understand and comply with environmental legislation.
  • Keeping you up to date on the latest funding to help realise your sustainability goals.

Coming soon - Our new Sustainability best practice benefit page

Experience swift and fair conflict resolution with our expert mediation service. Access the expertise of independent professional mediators to smoothly navigate the resolution of disputes.

  • Access cost-effective dispute resolution services whenever necessary. Ideal for a wide range of issues, including commercial and boating matters capable of settlement out of court.
  • Benefit from the assistance of an unbiased third party, dedicated to helping you reach amicable agreements and settle disputes efficiently.
  • Enjoy a straightforward flat fee for 'standard' mediation, covering all aspects regardless of the dispute's complexity or amount of work required.

Discover more about our Alternative Dispute Resolution Scheme.

Make informed business decisions when it comes to assessing potential or existing business partners.

  • Enjoy limitless credit checks within the UK, to comprehensively assess your customers' financial health, stability and creditworthiness (valued at approximately £500).
  • Credit check companies registered in the EU or worldwide for a small additional charge starting from just £10 per company.
  • Unlock rich, detailed company insights. Discover everything from a company's trading history and credit status (watch out for those County Court Judgements or Defaults!) to key operational details like industry type, contact information, incorporation dates, mortgage charges, and shareholder details, providing a complete picture of a company's credibility.

Learn more about credit checking and international reports.

Maximise your savings and offset your membership fee with a wide range of exclusive discounts.

  • Save up to 15% on stand space at the Southampton International Boat Show. This discount alone can be a game changer for your business's exposure and budget.
  • Enhance your skills or your team's expertise with over 90 training courses, all offered at reduced rates exclusively for members. It's a cost-effective way to grow professionally.
  • Gain valuable insights without the extra cost. Free and discounted statistics and market research reports provide crucial data for your business strategy and industry understanding.

For more information about Discounts and Savings.

Streamlined and user-friendly tools to draft business contracts quickly and efficiently, while maintaining full legal compliance for your business.

  • Enhance your operational efficiency and reduce costs with British Marine's industry-wide range of tailored contract templates.
  • A user-friendly online system which makes the writing and checking of legal documentation easy. Create essential legal documents swiftly and effortlessly, from employment contracts to health and safety policy frameworks.
  • Benefit from customisable document solutions, meticulously designed to suit your specific business requirements.

Discover more about BusinessCare's comprehensive suite of standard business contracts and explore our specialised marine contract templates.

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