National Agenda

The British Marine National Agenda

Our goal for 2025 and beyond

Launched in 2020, The British Marine National Agenda outlines a roadmap for a thriving marine industry as we steer towards 2025 and beyond. Developed through discussions with members who identified five critical focus areas, the agenda was carefully crafted by British Marine's executive team and agreed by elected member representatives. It presents a clear declaration of British Marine’s determination to play a significant and measurable role in supporting the growth and success of its members and the industry.


Our Five Guiding Pillars

The National Agenda stands firmly on five key pillars:

People & Skills

Focusing on attracting
and retaining talented individuals with diverse skill sets.

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Promoting sustainable practices, including our decarbonisation agenda, to minimise the industry's environmental impact.

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Technology & Innovation

Harnessing the power of new technologies and fostering innovation.


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Enhancing the UK marine industry's domestic and international reputation and interests.

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Developing strategies
to attract new participants to ensure the ongoing prosperity of our industry.

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Our Commitments by 2025

Each pillar has a specific 2025 commitment, ensuring that progress is not just aspirational but achievable. Regularly reviewed objectives will drive these commitments, ensuring that British Marine remains on course. Member consultation is key to agreeing on ongoing priorities, and we are committed to transparency, expecting to be held accountable by our members.

Measuring Success

We are committed to an annual review process, ensuring that our strategies align with member needs and industry evolution. This process guarantees that our members are continually
at the forefront of all our activities. Our mission is not just to lead but to serve providing personalised, accessible, and always available services that cater to the unique needs of our members.

Join Us

As we navigate towards 2025 and beyond, British Marine remains steadfast in its commitment to its members and the broader marine industry. Together, we will shape a future that is not only prosperous but sustainable and inclusive.

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