British Marine has 25 Associations that members are able to join as part of their membership. The Associations exist to communicate and bring together our members based on their geographical location or business interests

At British Marine we have over 1,300 businesses in membership, of whom many will be experiencing similar challenges to you or are looking to explore new commercial opportunities.   

As a British Marine member, you are automatically eligible to join one of our 9 regional Associations and one of our 14 group Associations that best represent your specific business interests.  Depending on your membership package, you may be eligible to join more than one association.  Alternatively, there is always the opportunity to join additional group Associations, subject to a small additional charge.

Each Association provides you with exclusive access to a multitude of networking opportunities whether that is at a regional level or with likeminded businesses in your own sector of the industry. You can discuss current challenges and barriers with your peers, work together on projects and initiatives to drive progress for our industry, or bring forward common issues that British Marine will then lobby for you on a national level.

Networking: All our associations host a wide range of events and networking opportunities during the year where members can meet each other to discuss the state of the industry, best practices and the challenges that they face - or simply have fun, explore new opportunities and share news at a social get-together. 

A strong collective voice: Only by working together can we make change and progress happen for the benefit of your business, your customers and the wider industry.  At individual association council meetings, common issues are voiced and discussed that British Marine can then take forward and help to address, including representation for on your behalf. 

Peer support: Legislative changes, economic fluctuations or shifting environmental concerns influence the success of your business. Reflect on your experiences and challenges with peers and industry experts or work together on projects or initiatives – your membership gets you exactly the support you need when you need it.

Become a spokesperson for the industry: If you’re keen to raise your personal profile, become better connected, influence what the British Marine team focuses on and/or do more to help our industry flourish, then we can help! Within each association, there is an opportunity to join its governing committee and/or sit on the British Marine Council as an Association Chair with the influence to drive decisions and policies. Email membership(at) to find out more.

Association-specific support: Access to a whole host of association-specific guidance and support including codes of practice, buyers’ guides, template contracts, operational guides and checklists.

Association logo: As an exclusive member benefit, you can use the British Marine logo and relevant Association logos on your promotional materials - giving existing and new customers peace of mind that they are in safe hands with a business that adheres to British Marine’s Code of Practice, which puts customers first.

Association events include:

  • Social events including organised dinners and social days.
  • Virtual and face to face meetings.
  • Association dinners and award evenings.
  • Dedicated peer-to-peer networking events.
  • Seasonal parties.
  • Technical seminars, conferences and workshops.
  • Annual General Meetings.
  • Association Committee and Council meetings.
  • Cross-association networking events.
  • Tours of member businesses.
  • Industry event gatherings.
  • Roundtable discussions.
  • Online webinars and drop-in clinics.

Entry to most events is included in your membership, although some events charge a small additional fee. To make networking as accessible as possible, we organise many association events to take place around industry shows. Most events are by invitation only for our members. Depending on the event, some are also open to non-members or allow additional guests.

British Marine Regional Associations

London and Thames Valley

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British Marine Scotland

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South West

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South and Isle of Wight

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Kent and Sussex

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East Anglia

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‘British Marine have provided ABC Leisure Group with invaluable support, through representation and via its associations, but also specialist advice such as VAT and Crisis Management’

Carl Onens Managing Director at ABC Leisure Group Ltd

British Marine Sector Specific Association

The Yacht Harbour Association

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Boat Retailers and Retailers

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Engines and Equipment

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Inland Boating

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Access to Boating

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Superyacht UK

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Electrics and Electronics

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Inland Boatbuilding

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Professional Services

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Broads Hire Boat Federation

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Passenger Boat 

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Boat Builders

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For more information on Our Associations, including which Association would be of the most value to you, please contact the Membership team at membership(at) or call 01784 473377.



Association Committees

British Marine is supported by active member-elected Committees and Association Chairs, comprising dedicated members from within the industry. These committees serve as the pivotal link between the membership base and British Marine, ensuring a clear and effective channel of communication.

Their primary role is to directly connect the broader membership with British Marine's initiatives, fostering an environment of collaboration and understanding.

Committees convene approximately four times annually, either through virtual meetings or face-to-face. These sessions are dedicated to discussing and highlighting critical issues affecting both the association and broader interests of British Marine.

Key responsibilities include:

  • Event Calendar Management: Committees take charge of orchestrating the association’s event calendar to maximize networking opportunities. They strategize the timing, location, and methods to effectively engage and benefit members and are encouraged to attend these events as a member of the committee.
  • Council Liaison and Action Items: Each Committee Chair not only represents their group at the overarching British Marine Council, ensuring that issues and topics from their association are brought to the council's attention for broader discussion and action, but also facilitates a two-way communication channel. This approach allows for effective feedback and directives from the council to be conveyed back to the committee, ensuring alignment and collaborative progress.
  • Industry Insights: Chairs are tasked with gathering insights on challenges and issues faced by members within their specific sectors, aiming to provide a comprehensive understanding that guides the association's support strategies.
  • Membership Recruitment and Retention: A thriving membership is fundamental to the association's vitality. Committees are instrumental in retaining members and expanding the community by promoting benefits, addressing concerns, and fostering a welcoming environment for potential new members.
  • Strategic Planning: Annually, the Committee develops a business plan to address the evolving needs of its members. This plan encompasses future events, membership growth strategies, and any specific projects to be undertaken in the coming year.
  • Membership Vetting and Code of Practice: Committees play a critical role in maintaining the integrity and standards of the association by reviewing and providing input on new member applications, ensuring adherence to the British Marine Code of Practice.

Joining an association committee comes with a myriad of benefits, not just for the individual but for the broader industry:

  • Influence and Collaboration: Engage with peers and exert a positive influence on the industry's future direction.
  • Voice and Representation: Share your insights, challenges, and ideas, contributing to a diverse and representative dialogue.
  • Industry Improvement: Be at the forefront of initiatives aimed at enhancing the marine industry.
  • Personal and Professional Growth: Expand your skills, knowledge, and network, enhancing both personal and professional development.
  • Visibility and Network Expansion: Increase your and your company's prominence within the industry, opening doors to new opportunities and connections.

If the prospect of shaping your industry excites you, consider joining a committee. For more information and to express your interest, reach out to your association secretary. Your voice can make a difference, and your involvement could be the key to driving positive change in the marine industry.

Join today and be part of the movement shaping the future of British Marine.


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