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The Passenger Boat Association is a Group Association within British Marine. The Association retains its own identity, aims and objectives but contributes to and benefits from the broader resources available within British Marine.

The PBA is dedicated to furthering the interests of Britain’s passenger boat industry. Active since the early 1970s, the Association works to promote the prosperity of companies engaged in the industry and the safety of passenger boats operating on all domestic waterways across the UK.

All our Members are British Marine Members and thereafter enrolled within the PBA. Our Members are from all sectors of the passenger boat industry. Member companies operate boats of every age and style on rivers, canals, lakes and coastal waters throughout the UK, from Scotland to the West Country, the Isles of Scilly and the Midlands to the Fens.

Membership embraces operators both great and small, who between them provide boats for all occasions:
• Scheduled transport services and pleasure trips
• Private hire for group outings, weddings, parties and events
• Business charter for meetings, conferences and corporate activities

There are many other British Marine Members who are in business to provide support in the form of products and services the Marine Industry in general and in some cases are dedicated to the passenger vessel industry. Some of them are listed on our website.