British Marine Electrical Technician (BMET) - Warwick

British Marine Electrical Technician (BMET)- Warwick

4 Mar 2024, 09:00 – 17:00

A practical and stimulating two-day course that provides the skills needed for the installation and maintenance of electrics on boats, leading to an industry-recognised qualification. Suitable for electrical engineers looking to further their knowledge and skills and gain a qualification in marine electrics. 

A two-day course based around the BMEEA Code of Practice, the industry-recommended standard. The course is designed to give candidates a general overview of the knowledge and skills required for a BMEEA-certified Marine Electrical Technician. All information and required knowledge used mainly with UK marine electric systems and follows not only the BMEEA Code of Practice and ISOs, but also the Recreational Craft Regulations (RCR).

United Kingdom