Code of Practice

Code of Practice

Choose Excellence, Choose British Marine

Choosing to work with a British Marine member means choosing to work with a trusted partner. Each of our members adhere to a rigorous Code of Practice, ensuring that their customers receive a high standard of service. Should high expectations not be met, British Marine, as your advocate, is able to address and resolve any concerns.

Every company displaying the British Marine logo is proud of all it represents, so customers know that when they choose to work with or buy from them, they can do so with confidence.

Code of Practice

A commitment to excellence

At British Marine, we understand the paramount importance of trust and integrity in our community. That is why we have established the British Marine ‘Code of Practice’.

Every member of the British Marine family is required to actively declare their adherence to the mandatory Code of Practice each year. By declaring compliance, members showcase their dedication to:

  • Comply with all relevant legislation
  • Maintain adequate levels of public liability, employer's liability, occupier's liability and professional indemnity liability insurance cover applicable to their business
  • Strive to maintain the best practicable standard of service to their customers, treating them fairly and courteously
  • Acknowledge customer's reasonable enquiries or complaints promptly and respond to them within a reasonable period of time
  • Where appropriate, encourage their customers to refer disputes which arise between them, and which cannot be resolved amicably, for resolution under the British Marine Mediation Scheme

Trust is built on accountability, that is why any failure or alleged failure to adhere to the Code is taken seriously. British Marine’s Complaints Procedure is in place to investigate and adjudicate any breaches. Whether initiated by a member or a customer, we ensure every concern is addressed with the utmost rigor and fairness, maintaining the integrity of the British Marine community.

Download the British Marine Code of Practice and terms and conditions here.