Guidance on how to calculate your turnover

British Marine membership is based on the annual turnover of the joining member. This does not apply to all sectors; the following sectors have different guidance;

Boat Brokers – assessed on total ‘commission earned’ figures in the accounts, plus the gross sales value of any craft purchased and resold as principals

Charities – calculated as one-third of standard subscription fee

Colleges – a set rate of £442 + VAT (this rate only applies to government-funded higher education colleges and universities)

Finance Brokers – assessed on the income arising from fees received from financial introductions, on the amount you lend in the UK boating industry

Finance Houses – assessed on income arising from the difference between borrowing and lending rates, within the UK boating industry

Insurance Brokers, Agents and Underwriting Agents – assessed on the net retained commission earned from the UK boating industry

Insurance Companies & Underwriters – assessed on 10% of premium income (net retained) from the UK boating industry

Yacht Clubs – assessed on total marine turnover excluding membership/club fees.

Subsidiary companies

A simplified application procedure can be offered to subsidiaries of existing member companies that may wish to form a Group Membership

If you have any questions regarding subscription fees, please do not hesitate to contact the membership team on 01784 223 663 or membership(at)