British Marine Inland Boating Association

Inland Boating Association

BMIB celebrates its Platinum Anniversary year in 2024, its direct predecessor APCO, the Association of Pleasure Craft Operators was founded on the 6 December 1953 as an independent Trade Association to represent the interests of the Hire Boat Industry.

APCO subsequently joined the British Marine Federation in 1990 and recently changed its name to British Marine Inland Boating , to better reflect the wide range of UK Inland Waterways companies we represent.

For the last 7 decades we have been an Association run for and by the Members to protect the interests of the Inland Waterways leisure industry. BMIB maintains a close working relationship with the Navigation Authorities and MCA, and has been at the forefront of raising safety standards and improving the quality of boating holidays, embracing new technology and enhancing the comfort of inland waterway boats. 

Over the last twenty years BMIB initiated and helped develop the Hire Boat Code, Boat Grading Standards and the Hire Boat Handover Scheme. We work closely with the British Marine Secretariat , including the Technical Team and Training Department in meeting the challenges and expectations of a changing UK holiday market. 

Why join?

British Marine Inland Boating is an active group association within the British Marine Federation representing companies operating high quality craft on Britain’s inland waterways. Craft range from Self Steer Hire Boats to Passenger/Restaurant, Workboats, Hotel and Day Boats. 

In addition our members build and refit boats, and offer a full range of maintenance services, sell fuel, gas and chandlery and provide safe and secure moorings. The membership also includes other activities such as supply chain, engine manufacture, surveyors, marine consultants, insurance, chandlery, marketing and information technology.

For 70 years BMIB and its predecessor APCO (Association of Pleasure Craft Operators)  has represented its members in working for the benefit of holiday-makers and boat owners in campaigning for better facilities, safety and  higher standards on the inland waterways. BMIB initiated and helped develop the Hire Boat Code, Boat Grading Standards and the Hire Boat Handover Scheme.

BMIB represents the inland waterway industry by consulting with navigation authorities, government departments and other official bodies on the many regulations – both national and European – that affect the safety, environment and use of rivers and canals. 

Our customers can therefore be confident that BMIB companies are aware of and comply with the latest legislation, and are committed to providing a safe, quality holiday . All BMIB Hire Boat members are regularly independently audited for their Hire Boat Handover procedures and compliance with the Hire Boat Code.



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