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  • There have been Insurance, Finance & Legal companies providing specialised services for boats & the boating industry since the 1800’s. In 1994 with the encouragement & support of The BMIF (now British Marine) General Council it was decided that a representative association should be formed for those firms, who were Federation members. The more recent addition of accountants and related professionals has completed this. 
  • Almost all aspects of the boating industry call for special knowledge and expertise, from the purchase of a boat or a waterside property through funding and insuring such projects to the vitally important need to have legal contracts and to seek advice when something may not go as planned. 
  • British Marine has a wide and diverse membership dealing with everything from small components to super yachts, our involvement within British Marine gives us two advantages; firstly, close access to British Marine Executive charged with influencing government opinion in favour of the industry, and secondly the opportunity to help shape their thinking to take account of the Association view of particular problems.


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