British Marine South and Isle of Wight Association

South and Isle of Wight Association

As the largest regional association, BM South and Isle of Wight presents a remarkable opportunity for you to be a driving force in shaping not only the industry within your region but also the broader British Marine National Agenda.

We are a direct conduit, through BM Council, to the Board of Directors, providing a platform for you to be heard. BM South and Isle of Wight is a reflection of what we, as passionate members, collectively create. Whether your foremost goal is to elevate your own business, forge valuable connections with fellow industry players, champion the growth of the marine sector at the regional or national level, or advocate for pressing environmental issues in your region, being a part of BM South and Isle of Wight will provide you with a supportive network of likeminded businesses and an active committee who are there to listen, and to amplify any matters of concern. We understand it is only by engaging with our members that we have the power to inspire and drive meaningful change for the industry.

BM South and Isle of Wight boasts the largest membership base within its boundaries, and because of that, can provide great potential for impactful networking. We run focused business networking and social events throughout the year, each presenting an opportunity for you to make new business connections in both a formal setting and in a relaxed and fun environment. Remember, if you choose not to engage, you remain unheard, and the industry misses out on your contribution.


Lyndsay McClay

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