British Marine Shaping and Influencing Standards

British Marine Shaping and Influencing Standards

Did you know that you have access to regulatory and standard experts at the click of a button? And that we can help you shape and influence those standards? Access the support you need and protect your business.

At British Marine, we regularly engage with our members, government departments, their agencies, promotional bodies and those who regulate our sectors. We are recognised by many external stakeholders as the go-to organisation for the leisure, superyacht and small commercial marine industry and we have regular contact with key policymakers to maintain and extend that profile.

In addition to proactively influencing and shaping industry standards to your advantage, we also give you the tools and knowledge on current and proposed regulations, standards and policy agendas to ensure that as a member you are aware of your responsibilities when regulatory changes come into effect.

With your membership, you also get exclusive access to regulatory updates and depending on your membership package, access to our team of specialists. Browse your membership benefits below or contact the British Marine team for specific questions at technical(at) or on 01784 473377.



We hold positions with several key stakeholder groups, which are designed to shape and form regulatory standards at the core.

These include: 

If you would like your interests represented at these groups, please contact technical(at) today.


  • Advice when you need it most: With a wealth of knowledge, our specialist Technical Team is on hand to support you with advice and guidance on general and specific regulatory topics.
  • Keeping you up to date: Our team will ensure that you are kept aware of regulatory changes both nationally and internationally.
  • FREE guides and toolkits: Many challenges affect not just your company, but the entire industry. We provide toolkits and guides that aid you in tackling these challenges, covering topics from environmental and sustainability to industry best practices for building Canal Boats.
  • Giving you a voice: On your behalf, British Marine participates in a number of specialist stakeholder groups influencing legislation to ensure growth and industrial success for the UK leisure marine industry. We ensure that any changes to the standards are suitable and reasonable and that any technical legislation is realistic and appropriate for our industry.
  • Saving you money: Having access to the latest guides and information can be costly, with some guides costing hundreds of pounds. Our quarterly Technical Guide, for example, costs £2,400 a year for non- members – however British Marine members can access it for FREE.

Browse the list below to find the answers you’re looking for. For specific questions or regulatory support, please reach out to the Technical Team at technical(at) or on 01784 223663.

Guideline / Group

How does it benefit me?

Who does it benefit?

Value (£)

Industry Best Practice (IBP) Code (Water Supply Regulations)

Best practice guide for marinas, boatyards and anyone else in the industry who supplies fresh water to waterside areas.

All members


Free to members

Environmental Roadmap

Future review on upcoming environmental legislation.

All members

Exclusive, member-only benefit

ICOMIA Sustainability guide

The guide features clear and concise outlines of the latest environmental legislation affecting the EU, US, Asia, and Australia plus international organisations such as IMO.

All members


Free to members

Clean Marina Scheme

Marinas recognise the importance of doing all they can to ensure their operations do not pollute our coastal and inland waters. Clean Marina is designed to help marina operators with this objective. It includes an independent assessment of environmental facilities and a multi-layered award scheme recognising ongoing development of environmental best practice.

Marina operators


Free to members

Technical report

Quarterly update on all marine related regulatory, standardisation or technical changes to help our members keep current with legal obligations.

All members


Free to members

ISO Standards Representation:

We ensure that changes to the standards are suitable and reasonable, and that UK industry thoughts are taken into account.

All members

Member only benefit

The Composites Leadership Forum (CLF)

Influencer group for the Government and other bodies (including Industry, research centres, academia, skills provider) to bring together support for composites and ensure growth and industrial success for the UK.


Member only benefit

Boat Safety scheme Advisory Committee Representation       (BSS)

This group signs off the technical rules, as well as ensures boats are examined correctly. Also, that the price of the MOT is set fairly.

Inland member businesses

Member only benefit

BM Representation on MCA Safety Equipment Advisory Committee

Technical Team ensures that regulatory changes will not negatively impact our members. Also, to ensure members are aware of their responsibilities when regulation changes come into effect.

All members


Member only benefit

ICOMIA Regulatory Reference Guide (inc. the quarterly EU regulatory update

This guide helps our exporting members meet legal obligations. Each country has their own set of rules for boat building and use, this guide brings together all the details of countries. The quarterly update summarises all European regulations and changes to future regulations.

All members involved in boat building and use outside the U.K.


Free to members

Quality Accredited Boatyard Scheme

The scheme sets a minimum level for safe hire operations with verification of company policies. You can obtain the ‘Visit England Rose’ with a successful application to communicate a verified level of quality for customers.

Boat hire operators

£100 discount


Inland Boatbuilding CoP

The Code of Practice sets out the industry best practice for building Canal Boats.

Canal boat builders


Free to members



Total Value



Excluding the time we invest in attending stakeholder groups on our members’ behalf.

We have plenty of resources available on our website here.  

Need specific support?

Contact the British Marine technical team at technical(at) or call 01784 473377.

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