Scanstrut Welcomes Chris Wachowski to Drive Product Innovation
20 December 2023
by British Marine

Chris W.jpgScanstrut, a leading provider of innovative marine and outdoor technology, is excited to announce the appointment of Chris Wachowski as the newest addition to its team. With nearly 40 years of extensive product management experience, Chris brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise gained from prominent roles with industry giants such as Mercury, Cummins, Brunswick, Freeman Boats, and most recently, as the director of Product Development at Boston Whaler.

In his previous role at Boston Whaler, Chris was responsible for overseeing the entire lifecycle of new large models, from concept to full-scale production to end-of-life strategies. His proven track record and commitment to excellence make him a valuable asset as he takes on the role of product director, developing detailed, well-researched product development strategies for the company’s exciting list of new product concepts.

Chris will collaborate closely with the award-winning in-house design team at Scanstrut, as well as the sales teams across all territories, bringing a fresh perspective and strategic insight to develop product roadmap that will see new ranges coming to fruition across the marine, RV, Agri and industrial sectors. The appointment of Chris Wachowski is testament to Scanstrut’s commitment to driving innovation and maintaining its position as an industry leader.

Reflecting on the decision to bring Chris on board, Tom Reed, CEO of Scanstrut, stated, "We are an ideas company, with more concepts than we have time to bring live onto the drawing board. So, Chris will bring incredible resources to our “long list” of product concepts, conduct research, create detailed specs and further accelerate our time to market. We consider ourselves fortunate to have Chris join us, bringing not only his unparalleled knowledge but also his enthusiasm and dedication to the role. He is a true product guy, with a passion for innovation and design, and we look forward to achieving great milestones together."

Chris Wachowski expressed his excitement about his new role, saying, "I've had the pleasure of collaborating with Tom and his team for several years from the OEM side. Scanstrut consistently delivered not only remarkable product design but also durability that exceeded expectations. Now, as a proud member of the Scanstrut team, I am thrilled to channel my passion for innovation and product design. Eager to leverage my years of experience in developing premium, award-winning products, I look forward to contributing to Scanstrut's continued success. Tom has laid a fantastic foundation for the future, and it’s very exciting to join an organisation with a shared passion for creating products that enhance our valuable leisure time.