Optima Yachts to showcase major strides in green innovation at South Coast Green Tech Boat Show
18 April 2024

Optima Yachts is proud to be exhibiting at the upcoming South Coast Green Tech Boat Show, where the team will be located at Berth No.7. Set against this inspiring backdrop of innovation and sustainability, founders and owners, David and Chloe Kendall, will be on board the impressive evolution of the Optima e10 since last year's event.

Following its initial appearance at the South Coast and Green Tech Boat Show 2023, the flagship Optima e10 has undergone a number of significant additions and improvements, demonstrating a firm commitment to eco-friendly marine technology and responsible boating. 

Here's a glimpse into the latest upgrades and innovations:

Drive System Upgrade:

The Optima e10 now features the RAD drive system, boasting a 40kW motor and steerable leg design that enables 180-degree steering. Optima collaborated with RAD through a grant funded by the Department of Transport and Innovate UK, this upgrade enhances the boat's manoeuvrability and performance.

Enhanced Bathing Platform:

An extension has been added to the existing bathing platform, not only boosting the boat's visual appeal but also providing plenty of space for recreational activities such as swimming, paddle boarding and foiling boards. The clever design seamlessly accommodates the drive system underneath, ensuring both functionality and aesthetics.

Interior Fit-Out and Sustainability Focus:

Over the winter months, significant efforts were directed towards the interior fit-out of the cockpit and cabin areas. Optima prioritised the use of sustainable materials, showcasing their versatility and eco-friendliness. Traditional solutions were reimagined in favour of lighter, eco-conscious alternatives, reflecting Optima’s focus on sustainable boating practices.

At the heart of the Optima e10's design philosophy lies a duty to sustainability, clearly represented by the careful selection of materials that minimise environmental impact while maximising comfort and aesthetics. Sustainable materials incorporated into the Optima e10 include recycled foam cores crafted from recycled plastic bottles and bio resins, cork, bamboo from UK Bamboo Supplies Ltd, and recycled materials transformed by Smiles Plastics, setting a new standard for eco-friendly boating.

Ongoing Innovation and Future Plans:

The journey of the Optima e10 continues with plans for installing a galley and table, aimed at enhancing functionality and comfort on board. Each upgrade represents a step forward in the pursuit of sustainable, stylish and straightforward boating solutions.

During the show, David will be talking on stage at the Innovation Hub scheduled for 1:45 pm on Friday 19th April, giving his personal insights into the e10 journey and the exciting opportunities on the horizon for the e13. 

“As pioneers in the future of sustainable boating the Optima e10 stands out for unique efficiency and comfort, offering stability, an impressive range of 150 nautical miles that reduces ‘range anxiety’, plus exceptional luxury,” commented David Kendall, owner and founder of Optima Yachts. “With our upcoming 13m version set for production in 2025, featuring expanded social spaces and versatile configurations, as well as the same 150 nm range, we're excited to continue leading the charge towards greener, more enjoyable cruising experiences." 

As Optima Yachts continue to push the boundaries of eco-friendly marine technology, visitors at the South Coast and Green Tech Boat Show can experience the latest advancements firsthand and gain a real glimpse into the exciting future that lies ahead.