Sustainability Champion Sea Clean Launches First Waterless Cleaning Products to UK Marine Market
18 April 2024

Pioneering new eco-friendly company Sea Clean UK is announcing the launch of an innovative range of boat cleaning products which achieve a high-quality finish without the need for water, simplifying watercraft maintenance while also supporting global efforts to reduce water and plastic pollution.

With an aim to revolutionise marine cleaning practices, Sea Clean introduces the UK marine industry’s first and only specialist waterless cleaning solutions, each carefully crafted with gentle ingredients and responsibly packaged to minimise impact on the environment.

The waterless technology means the cleaners can be sprayed directly onto surfaces, with no requirement for a hose and bucket. Depending on the type of Sea Clean product, users then simply wipe the surface with a dry microfibre or wipe with a damp microfibre before buffing off to reveal a spotless shine.

The game-changing development to enable waterless cleaning benefits a range of superyacht and boat owners, dinghy and racing club sailors, kayak, jet ski and other watercraft owners, plus chandleries and builders, by offering a quick, easy, less-costly and more convenient method to keep various types of vessels in pristine condition.

Sea Clean is backing the product launch with a long-term company action plan to promote sustainability and inspire others to help restore the marine environment through initiatives and collaborations, as well as allocating a percentage of each purchase towards ocean clean-up projects.

The meaningful strategy includes a commitment to collect 10,000 bottles of plastics in its first year of operation and a schedule of beach clean-ups held during the summer, with plans underway to implement unique eco-friendly projects in partnership with stockists, chandleries and customers.

In line with its mission to enable the safe collection and recovery of ocean-bound plastic waste, Sea Clean conducted meticulous research to determine the most viable eco-friendly packaging, electing to use recycled HDPE plastic bottles, tested rigorously to last for several refills.

The Sea Clean team - Louis Palmer-Smith, Robert Smith, Aron Lusty and Mimi Solveig - bring a vast amount of experience in the marine and superyacht sectors to the venture.

Speaking on behalf of the team, Louis said: “We launched Sea Clean to address the pressing need for sustainable cleaning practices that truly make a tangible difference in preserving the aquatic environment. Driven by our deep passion for the marine industry, our team has first-hand experience and understanding of the necessity for these solutions.

Sea Clean’s waterless products offer a completely new and innovative approach to cleaning. We are excited to introduce our products and company philosophy to more people, so they can join us to reduce water pollution and make a positive impact towards global sustainability and environmental stewardship. With rising temperatures and the increasing likelihood of hosepipe bans in coming years, our solutions also address the growing issue of water scarcity.

Our customers will not only feel good about making eco-friendly choices. The Sea Clean solutions offer several benefits – they can be used anywhere, anytime, to achieve a showroom-quality finish, and are developed for ease of use, simple and convenient application for effortless cleaning, saving valuable time and cutting costs by reducing marina water bills.

In 2024, as we launch our first products and grow our distribution, we also have a range of interesting projects, ideas and opportunities which our business partners can get involved in.”

Whether used at sea, in the marina, on the dock, or in the showroom, the versatile Sea Clean products bring peace of mind for people keen to reduce water consumption and care for the environment.

Sea Clean supplies five different waterless cleaning products, offering customers ideal maintenance solutions. All the cleaners are eco-friendly with no harsh chemicals or abrasives that could damage watercraft, as follows:

Sea Clean WW Waterless Wash Spray

Sea Clean WWPro Waterless Wash Pro Spray

Sea Clean DW Daily Wipedown

Sea Clean UC Universal Cleaner

Sea Clean GP Glass Perfection

The solutions can be purchased as an ‘Ultimate Eco-Friendly Waterless Boat Cleaning Kit’, with a recommended ‘Sea Clean Recycled Multi-Purpose Microfibre Cloth’ also available.

For business enquiries or to order Sea Clean products, please visit the website.