British Marine welcomes ISO Small Craft Technical Committees to Southampton
26 June 2024

Whilst many in the UK small craft industry met at Seawork last week, there was a second industry event occurring just up the road, at British Marine member, Solent University. 

This year, the International Standards Organisation Small Craft Technical Committee, TC188, held their annual meetings and plenary in the UK, hosted by Solent University and led by British Marine staff and BSi committee members, Ed Tuite and Ross Wombwell. 

British Marine welcomes ISO Small Craft 2.png   

National delegations from Colombia, The USA, Canada and South Korea, joined European national delegations from Norway, Sweden, Finland, Belgium, France and Germany, along with virtual participants from Australia, China, Japan and Holland, to revise those standards our industry relies upon to design and manufacture our industry’s products. 

Electric Propulsion Systems ISO 16315, Stability ISO 12217, Protection against ignition of surrounding flammable gases ISO 8846 and reciprocating internal combustion engines exhaust emission measurement — test-bed measurement of gaseous and particulate exhaust emissions ISO/PWI 18854 were all on the agenda, as work continued to revise these standards to meet changes in technology and greater experience of the standards being used. 

Also on the agenda was a new standard being developed, ISO/NWIP 25128, Small Craft - a methodological framework for the assessment of energy consumption of moving small craft. 

Future requirements were also discussed and the creation of new international working groups, WG37 Sustainability Technologies and WG 36 Electrical Equipment, along with the opening of new standards to be developed, a standard for D.C. electrical systems over 60v, a marine EMC standard, and a charging systems standard that will encompass high voltage charging. 

British Marine welcomes ISO Small Craft 3.png

British Marine, its members and other UK experts will continue to work on those standards necessary to support the industry and prepare for the challenges that the future will bring, all in support of the marine sector. Meanwhile, British Marine will also continue its focus on the development of the new standards required to support the industries decarbonisation strategy as outlined in the new BM Decarbonisation Hub, Decarbonisation Hub :: British Marine. 

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