DEFRA Seeks Marine Industry Input into Review of UK Timber Regulations
13 June 2024

Defra is undertaking a post implementation review of the United Kingdom Timber Regulations 2021 (UKTR).

The UK’s Timber Regulations (UKTR) apply in Great Britain and address illegal timber in supply chains. The UKTR lay down obligations for operators - those who place timber and timber products on the market, and traders - those who trade in timber and timber products after they have been placed on the market. The UKTR makes it an offence to place illegally harvested timber and timber products on the market and requires operators to implement a due diligence system to mitigate the risk of placing illegal timber on the market. Traders are required to keep records of who they buy timber products from and any other traders they sell them to. This enables timber, and timber products to be traced. 

The aim of the review is to gather and analyse evidence on how regulations are functioning, whether they are achieving their objectives, and whether the objectives are still appropriate.

We need to hear your views on how the policy is functioning, how it could be improved, unexpected consequences or costs from the regulation, and how it compares to EU Timber Regulations.

DEFRA has asked British Marine to represent the views of the membership, to have your say in the future of the regulations please contact the technical team by email: technical(at)