Introducing Cheetah Marine’s Next Generation Walk-Around Cabin Workboat
12 June 2024

Marking the latest addition to its fleet, the Cheetah Marine Walk-Around Cabin perfectly combines the practicality of a workboat with all the options of a high-end finish, designed to widen the market of the vessel. This Cheetah is perfect for patrol craft, crew transfer vessels, corporate events and small ferries.  

Fluid Water Taxi (operated by Urban Truant) 

Featuring a wealth of standout features, Cheetah Marine’s Walk-Around Cabin has been customised for the recently launched Fluid Water Taxi company to include a fully bespoke internal cab with generous seating for 12 passengers or guests, alongside a customised hull and branded cab. 

Currently operating an on-demand water taxi service on the south coast, Fluid Taxi has commissioned a fleet of Cheetah Marine catamarans to operate across a variety of destinations. These agile, stable craft are the ideal choice for transporting passengers around the picturesque shores of the Solent and beyond.

Safety first

The fleet of newly customised Cheetah Marine workboats also meets the Maritime and Coastguard Agency's (MCA) current MGN 280 Code for small boats operating commercially with 12 passengers. With the primary aim to ensure the highest standards of safety and protection are met for all on-board, this includes a watertight weather deck, reinforced hull, robust guardrails and tinted windows, offering year-round peace of mind for passengers and crew.

Cheetah Marine has also just delivered a vessel to the new Workboat Code Edition 3, which provides important standards, such as for the construction, electrical systems, fire protection, as well as provision of firefighting, lifesaving, navigation and radio equipment, to ensure the safety and protection of the crew, personnel, passengers and other marine users, and to maintain environmental standards.

The Cheetah Marine Walk-Around Cabin has been finished using premium materials to create an ambiance of elegance and durability. From the soft flooring to the refined stainless-steel fixtures, every detail has been crafted to perfection. Beyond its high-end finishes and spacious seating, the Walk-Around Cabin is a powerhouse of performance. Built with the latest in marine technology, it promises smooth sailing, even in challenging conditions. The walk-around design also allows for easy movement around the deck, perfect for fishing, cruising or simply taking in the breathtaking views.  

"Our latest Walk-Around Cabin represents a ground-breaking fusion of workboat practicality and yacht-like high-end finish, designed to cater to a wide range of activities, from crew transfer vessels to corporate events,” says Ed O’Kane, General Manager at Cheetah Marine. 

"With the launch of the Fluid Water Taxi service, we're proud to see our customised Walk-Around Cabins in action. These vessels, with their bespoke internal cab and branded hull, offer unmatched stability and performance, making them ideal for navigating all the extreme conditions of the UK's unpredictable seas.

“Safety is at the forefront of our design, and we are pleased to confirm that our customised catamarans also meet the highest standards of the Maritime and Coastguard Agency's newly released Workboat Code 3.”

Bringing 30 years’ boat making experience to the table, Cheetah Marine has reimagined a vessel that embodies the perfect blend of luxury, performance and functionality. Whether hosting a lavish gathering, embarking on an adventurous trip or putting the boat to work, the Cheetah Marine Walk-Around Cabin is designed to meet every need. 

Chris Sheaff, Head Draftsman at Cheetah Marine, comments: “Collaborating with our entire team, we pooled our collective years of industry expertise and knowledge to craft a fresh, modern design that maintains the rugged, all-weather spirit for which Cheetah is renowned.”

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