ABP Southampton LNTM 52 requires registration of all commercial craft operating in Southampton Harbour
30 May 2024

ABP Southampton has issued LNTM 52 to ensure that all commercial craft operating within the harbour are fit for purpose, for example, are properly maintained, equipped, manned, and only used for the purpose for which they are capable.

All commercial vessel operators, which includes those undertaking paid work, training, or carrying fare-paying customers, working with the Southampton Statutory Harbour area are therefore required to register their craft on an annual basis.

Owners should be aware that the regulation does not just apply to vessels that have their home berth within the area, but also those using or transiting the area.

It has been announced that The Port of Southampton may, where deemed appropriate, conduct inspections of vessels, based on national standards, laws, and agreed codes of practice or other similar information.

It has also been announced that all vessels operating commercially within the Port of Southampton will be required to have an operational AIS transponder fitted by 1st January 2025.

Further guidance for British Marine members on Codes of Practice can be found in the members section of the website or obtained by contacting the technical department.

A Link to ABP Southampton Notice to Mariners No 52 of 2024 can be found here.