EU updates list of harmonised standards to the RCD with combined AC and DC electrical standard
15 May 2024

The European Committee has proceeded with the publication of the following ISO standards in the Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU): 

  • EN ISO 13297:2021 (and amendments) Small craft - Electrical systems - Alternating and direct current installations

The publication of the standard in the journal means that this version of the standard is now harmonised (if followed gives automatic presumption of conformity to the relevant essential safety requirement of the recreational craft directive).   

This new standard combines the old AC and DC electrical standards (ISO 13297 and ISO 10133) into one standard. 


Although the new standard is harmonised from the point of publication in the journal the old standards harmonisation does not end immediately in order to give industry the time it needs to transition to the new standard. Below is the list of when the old standards presumption of conformity ends: 

  • EN ISO 13297:2019 small craft – Electrical systems AC installation is harmonised until 25/10/2025

  • EN ISO 10133:2017 Small Craft – Electrical systems DC installations is harmonised until 25/10/202

The new harmonised electrical standard is also one of the ISO standards, (along with ISO 16315:2016 electric propulsion systems and additional guidance on the installation of Photovoltaic (PV) systems) covered by the 6th edition of the BMEEA code of practice.


The price of the new BMEEA Code of Practice Ed 6 is: 

  • £140 for members 

  • £200 for non-members 

The CoP is 0% VAT Rated  

To order your copy please email technical(at)  


A full list of the harmonised standards can be found in the EU official journal here - DocsRoom - European