Everything you need to know about a circumnavigation
30 May 2024

Oyster Yachts, a luxury British sailing yacht builder, invites sailors and adventurers alike to ask their hottest circumnavigation questions to a panel of circumnavigators and bluewater sailing experts at a live Q&A session discussing the Oyster World Rally.

The live webinar on 5 June 2024 at 19:00 BST will feature a panel of veteran circumnavigators from the Oyster World Rally 2022-23, and the event will delve deep into the specific details of what is involved and how to prepare for sailing around the world.

Ahead of entries for the Oyster World Rally 2028-29, opening on 18 June 2024, the live webinar provides the public a chance to ask their questions to the panel and hear the real-life experience of the circumnavigators that have gone before them.


Over 5000 nautical miles into their sailing circumnavigation, the Oyster World Rally 2024-25 fleet have made landfall in French Polynesia and are exploring some of the remotest destinations on the planet. With recent stopovers in The Marquesas and The Tuamotus Islands, the fleet is cruising the beautiful sailing grounds of Tahiti and joining social gatherings organised by the Oyster World Rally team.