Josie Gibson makes a splash on her second visit to Foxhangers
1 May 2024

The charming waterways of Bradford on Avon witnessed a touch of celebrity sparkle this month. Television personality Josie Gibson, known for her vibrant presence and infectious enthusiasm, embarked on a picturesque journey aboard the Wily Fox. This was Josie’s second visit to Foxhangers, having filmed the famous Caen Hill Flight in 2023.

This time, her journey started at Bradford on Avon and included the breathtaking passage over the historic Avoncliff Aqueduct. Along with the ITV crew, Josie’s adventure highlighted the tranquillity and unique experience of cruising through Britain’s stunning countryside.

Historic Avoncliff Aqueduct

As the Wily Fox glided over the aqueduct, Josie shared moments of her journey with the studios of Good Morning and Loose Women, capturing the essence of a Foxhangers holiday - peaceful, scenic, and utterly unforgettable. It’s a journey that beckons all who seek a tranquil escape from the bustle of everyday life.

Foxhangers Canal Holidays, renowned for its well-appointed fleet and exceptional service, was thrilled to host Josie again. Her voyage not only showcased the joys of canal cruising but also shone a spotlight on the rich heritage of the waterways.

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