Industry Priorities consolidated and submitted to all parties in advance of upcoming General Election
29 May 2024

With the dissolution of Parliament tomorrow, Thursday 30 May 2024, and attention turning to the General Election, the trade body for UK’s leisure marine industry, British Marine, draws attention to the national interventions it believes would most help the leisure marine industry’s economic growth during the course of the next Parliament.  

British Marine’s latest publication, Industry Priorities 2024-2029 published today, sets out a series of proposals and ‘asks’ of the next government. These have been informed by its membership made up of a wide range of leisure, superyacht, and small commercial marine businesses, including boat builders, holiday hire boat companies, passenger boat operators, marine equipment, and engine manufacturers, as well as inland and coastal marinas across the UK.   

The priorities include the need to safeguard and improve the marine environment, including the water quality of our seas and rivers, as well as the infrastructure that supports inland navigation channels.  There is a call to assist the industry’s many micro and small marine businesses that need to compete in new and emerging global markets, as well as for legislative and regulatory reforms to speed up the decarbonisation of the recreational marine sector and improve its sustainability.  Significant emphasis is also placed on improving training programmes and apprenticeships to mitigate skills shortages and enhance the future skills-base of the marine industry.

Commenting on the publication, Lesley Robinson, CEO of British Marine, said: 

“Our industry is made up of around 6,300 businesses, many of which are small family-owned enterprises providing vital employment to many of our coastal and inland communities.  Ours is also an industry that punches above its weight in terms of its contribution to UK plc. With a revenue of £4.41bn, its combined economic contribution, including the tourism spend of those participating in boating and watersports, exceeded £17bn in 2022/23.  

“It is a diverse and dynamic industry, with an extensive supply chain, that is largely driven by its design and manufacturing base.  Yet its growth is increasingly being held back by dated regulations and current environmental challenges that require national attention.  This is why our members have identified a series of proportionate and targeted interventions that, with parliamentary support in the coming five years, would support the accelerated and sustainable growth of our industry. It is why we are now seeking support of all relevant parliamentary candidates to work with us and help take these proposals forward.”

To read the Industry Priorities document and learn more about how British Marine represents members’ interests by engaging parliamentarians and influencing governments visit: