Market Research and Statistics

Market Research and Statistics

Access to Market Research and Statistics

Did you know that as a British Marine member, you have access to a wealth of exclusive reports?

 With access to invaluable information on the leisure Marine Industry through high quality reports which provide knowledge and insight, our members have all the information they need to make the right decisions for their business.

These reports provide British Marine members with insight into the size, value and economic health of the industry as well as consumer-focused market research helping them to better understand their customers.

As a member, you have access to reports that are not openly available to the public, reports produced by British Marine free of charge and some third-party reports at a discounted rate.

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Industry Key Performance Indicator

  • Providing information on the economic contribution of the industry to UK GDP, through businesses and jobs supported, domestic and export revenue generated.
  • These figures are presented by region, sector and business activity providing a tool for businesses to easily promote the value of marine business.

Report value: £500 (Free to British Marine members)


Industry sentiment poll

  • Providing insight on the state of the industry by tracking key industry economic indicators and benchmarking these against the performance of the UK economy as a whole.
  • Includes data on sales performance and business outlook.

Consolidated report value: £250 (Free to British Marine members)


Economic Benefits Research

Consolidated report value: £500 (Free to British Marine members)


 ICOMIA Recreational Boating Industry Statistics

  • Providing key market data on over 23 international markets, covering boat ownership and production, engines and equipment sales and market sentiment.

Report value: €800 (Free to British Marine members)


Boat Import and Export Data

  • Providing trends data on boat imports and exports, including average values and volumes by boat category, and highlighting key trade partners and growth regions.

Consolidated report value: £250 (Free to British Marine members)


Annual Boat Production Data

  • Reports looking at UK unit production by different leisure boat segments, with analysis of key market developments.

Consolidated report value: £500 (Free to British Marine members)


Sector-Specific Research

  • Includes research produced on the marina sector (our Marina and Moorings report)

Consolidated report value: £500 (Free to British Marine members)


Boat Sales Dashboard

  • Monthly updates on UK new and used boat sales

Consolidated report value: £500 (Free to British Marine members)


Watersports Participation Survey

  • Annual consumer survey tracking trends in watersports participation and ownership, as well as providing demographic, socio-economic and cultural profiling of participants.

Consolidated report value: £5,000 (Free to British Marine members)


Boaters & Boat Owners Survey

  • Consumer survey providing insight into the experiences, interests, attitudes and purchasing behaviour of boating participants and boat owners.
  • Covers a range of markets, from watersports tuition, hire and charter, to sales of new and used boats and spending on marine equipment and services.

Consolidated report value: £2,500 (Free to British Marine members)

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