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Commercial Vessels in the UK

Commercial vessels in the UK may be subject to various legislation dependent on their size and normal operating areas. 

Green narrowboatInland

Dependent on the area of operation there are a number of regulations that could apply to commercial craft operating on categorised waters within the UK.

  • Domestic Passenger Ships 
  • Inland Waterways Small Passenger Vessels
  • Inland Charter Vessels

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Vessels operating at sea or outside categorised waters may need to adhere to a number of regulations dependent on the numbers of passengers carried.

  • MCA Workboat Code
  • MCA Small Commercial Vessel Code
  • MCA Passenger Yacht Code

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All Vessels

All vessels engaged in commercial activities should be aware of their requirements under a number of international conventions such as COLREGs, SOLAS, MARPOL MLC and STCW 1995.

The British Marine Technical team is able to offer advice and guidance to which rules apply to your business and how to achieve legal compliance. 

Due to the continually changing nature of the marine industry, the Technical team is here to keep you up to date with the changing regulations and to give you a voice in industry discussions with regulators - from the International Maritime Organisation at the highest level through to discussions with your local authorities. To ensure that your voice is heard British Marine members are made aware of all important consultations and have the opportunity to engage with regulators.