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Safety Equipment (LSA)

The Design, Manufacture and Sale of safety equipment (LSA) is a fast moving industry with significant levels of regulation, British Marine are able to help with ensuring you are aware of the rules and regulations applicable to the differing levels and classes of equipment.

PPE Regulation EU 2016/425

Lifejackets are classed as Personal Protective Equipment and therefore their design and manufacture fall within the Scope of the Personal Protective Equipment Directive 89/686/EEC. Following a long rewriting period the draft text for a new PPE Regulation 2016/425/EU has been approved and became official on publication in the OJEU (the Official journal of the European Union) on the 31st of March 2016 becoming law on the 21st of April.

There is now a two year transition period before full enforcement will take place in April 2018, when the old PPE Directive 89/686/EEC will be repealed. After this date, all PPE will have to be certified to the new Regulation.

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M.E.D (Marine Equipment Directive) 96/98/EC

The Marine Equipment Directive is only applicable to certain types of equipment on certain types of marine vessels, MEDwhich in general covers equipment used on ships registered under the flags of the EU member states (SOLAS vessels).

Currently the MCA are consulting on the implementation of the new M.E.D (2014/90/EU) and equipment standards for domestic ships and vessels.

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ISO Standards

There are a number of different standards for the design and constructon of Liferafts depending upon their final use. Whilst there is an M.E.D application for liferaft standards on SOLAS vessels, on recreational and certain types of commercial vessels the use of an ISO standard is accepted. British Marine are able to assist in ensuring you are aware of the latest standards, which standard is applicable to you and how to show compliance.

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