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Manufacturers Identity Code - MIC

One of the requirements of the Recreational Craft Directive (RCD) is that every CE-marked boat has a unique identity number that can be used to identify the country of origin, the builder and year of build of the boat.

The WaterCraft Identification Number (WIN, previously CIN and HIN) is a 14-digit code that is marked on the boat in two places, one on the starboard side of the transom and a second hidden within the boat. The CIN is usually moulded or etched into the fabric of the boat hull to ensure permanency.

Details of how to formulate a WIN are available in BS EN ISO 10087:2006.


The WIN consists of a two-letter code to denote country of origin (boats built in the UK use GB), followed by a three-letter code to denote the manufacturer. This code is known as the Manufacturer’s Identity Code (MIC) and is unique to the boatbuilder.

In the UK the register of MIC is maintained by British Marine on behalf of the Department for Business Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS). If you are a boatbuilder from a country within the EU then you must register with the organisation within your own country.

If you are a boatbuilder from outside the EU please email for further information.

For applications please email

For enquiries on existing MIC registrations please email with the MIC code you are enquiring about. 

The register maintained by British Marine is only for professional boatbuilders.

Vessels built for own use (DIY vessels) should apply to the Royal Yachting Association for a five digit number which is then used with the GB country code and MIC ‘RYA’.