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Engines and Equipment Research

As one of the key indicators of the strength of the industry, British Marine collates market data on the engines and equipment sector across a variety of market research reports.

Key Performance Indicators for the Leisure Marine, Superyacht and Small Commercial Marine Industry

British Marine's Key Performance Indicators research provides key economic indicators for engines and equipment sub-sectors across manufacturing, distribution and retail, covering revenue, employment and gross value added to UK GDP. Download the full report here. Key sub-sectors featured in the report include (for manufacture and distribution):

  • Engines/Systems Manufacture and Distribution;
  • Electronics Manufacture and Distribution;
  • Deckgear/Rigging Manufacture and Distribution; and
  • Chandleries and Online Retail

Marine Industry Trends

The latest marine industry trends reports provide key economic indicators for key marine industry sectors, including engines and equipment manufacture, distribution and retail, providing information on changes in revenue and profit, business performance over the previous 6 months, current market sentiment and future prospects, and qualitative feedback on market obstacles and opportunities. Download the full report here.

ICOMIA IMEC Outboard Engine Sales

As part of its annual Recreational Boating Industry Statistics publication, ICOMIA publishes detailed data on UK and international outboard sales, imports and exports. For further information about this publication, please refer to our International Statistics page.