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In June 2016 the British public voted (52% to 48%) for the UK to leave the European Union (EU). During the forthcoming negotiations and transition period British Marine will represent its members and the wider marine industry to Government and be on hand to keep members updated and to advise them on how their businesses may be affected.

EU legislation and trading arrangements will still apply while the Government negotiates the withdrawal agreement with the EU, which is expected to take a minimum of two years. Given the range of opinion of its members, British Marine maintained neutrality during the vote, but recognises that what happens next is of critical importance. It will be actively engaged in ensuring the voice of the leisure, superyacht and small commercial marine industry is heard, given the important role these industries play in UK trade earnings, marine tourism, health and wellbeing and in enhancing Great Britain's reputation for excellent design, technology and engineering.

Members can log into this page where they will be able to read all British Marine's Brexit updates, download helpful reports and guidance, and how to contact us with any questions.