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All crises – whether they last from a few hours to several days or longer – require decisions to be made quickly to limit the damage to a business, its stakeholders, the public and industry and British Marine are here to help you do this.

Our team can provide direction on staffing, resources and communications with its seven-day dedicated PR & Communications crisis support commencing from the day of the incident, as well as additional expertise in areas including technical support as and when required.

PR & Communications support can include:

  • Draft holding statement
  • Advise on messaging to staff, stakeholders and customers 
  • Advise on immediate operation of business
  • Advise on media enquiries
  • Review of website
  • Review of social media
  • Brief for spokespeople

Our ‘5 Top Tips to Prepare for a Crisis’, ‘Crisis Management Checklist’ and ‘Holding Statement Template’ are just some other online resources available to members to make sure that should the worst happen, you can act immediately and effectively.

How to get support?

During office hours, call the British Marine Member Hotline on 01784 223663. Out of office hours, contact Lesley Robinson, CEO, on 07767 884 399.

Click below to see details of member organisations offering free specialist Crisis Management services to British Marine members during the COVID-19 outbreak.


FREE 15-minute consultation and follow up email to any businesses affected by COVID-19

If you are worried about any of the following topics, please get in contact as soon as possible. All calls will be managed on a first come, first served basis and will continue for as long as the ADPR team remain fit and well.

  • Key principles and best practices for crisis planning
  • How to communicate well with your internal and external audiences
  • How to communicate well with a remote workforce and how to protect the psychological safety of employees
  • How to cut through the media hype to communicate accurate information and advice
  • Managing your brand beyond the media
  • Keeping your brand visible when your business is forced into temporary shutdown

To book your free consultation or to find out more, please email contact us.

If you are a supplier who also feels able to offer your help and expertise to businesses that might be struggling, please do get in touch.



Fastnet Marketing

Fastnet are here to help

Fastnet's mission has always been to support the marine community as much as possible, and it's now more important than ever that we pull together at this time of national crisis. 

As a result, Fastnet would encourage businesses to contact them for completely free, practical advice on:

  • Getting your business online. If you sell a physical product then we can help you to sell this through the internet. If you're offering a service then we can help with setting up online appointments and video conferencing. If you don't think you can move your business online then call us anyway - we might have some tricks up our sleeve that you haven't even considered.
  • Filming your own information videos. It's much easier to convey a message via video. We can offer free, practical tips on filming video via your smart phone,  including how to set up an autocue, basic lighting and tips for editing. Great for communicating via social media, or by embedding your video into an email.
  • Improving your skill-set. Want to expand your in-house marketing skill-set so that you can get your business back on track once we've beaten this virus? I'm going to be doing some free, live training courses covering practical marketing advice such as planning your marketing strategy, online advertising, mastering social media, the perfect sales pitch and any other useful topics that you would like me to cover.

For more information on any of these topics, or if there are other marketing problem you need advice with, please email


50North Marketing

Free, no obligation consultation for British Marine members feeling the squeeze. Talk through ideas to keep your business running and stay connected to your customers. Practical marketing, communications and business development advice and suggestions.