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Insurance advice from Arch Insurance (UK) Ltd

Arch Insurance (UK) have 33 years as a marine underwriter, claims adjuster and broker.

"My main expertise is in commercial combined cover for marinas, boat builders & repairers, harbours, yacht clubs etc. including liability, property & vessel insurance.  I would be happy to take enquiries around advice on cover, claims and anything I can help with really. If someone was simply looking for a quote, I can also direct them towards a strong broker in the field in which the enquirer works.  I would be happy to take enquiries around advice on cover, claims and anything I can help with really. If someone was simply looking for a quote, I can also direct them towards a strong broker in the field in which the enquirer works."



Can I claim on my insurance as a result of COVID-19?

On 17 March 2020 the Association of British Insurers (ABI) issued a statement on COVID-19. It confirmed that most firms would not have purchased the cover required to allow them to claim on their insurance as a result of COVID-19.

The statement said that standard business interruption cover does not include forced closure by authorities. However, it notes that a small minority might have purchased an extension to their cover to include closure due to an infectious disease. In this instance, the ABI recognises that some parties might be able to claim where infectious disease cover is accompanied by an enforced closure.

However, in September the High Court ruled that in some circumstances they considered insurance companies should have paid out for COVID-19 related claims. British Marine would therefore advise its members to check the details of their cover directly with their insurer.

Insurance advice from D2 Corporate Solutions

As a marine specialist insurance broker, D2 Corporate Solutions  can firstly offer some help & advice around the current issues the insurance market is facing caused by COVID-19. In addition if you are unsure of your current cover or what is included pleases don’t hesitate to get in contact

You can reach D2 Corporate Solutions via email,  or phone 0141 842  8326



Howes Percival legal advice and resources

At Howes Percival we understand the need for a fast, straightforward and effective service. Our knowledgeable Leisure and Tourism team have particular expertise in assisting clients within this sector. As a sector that is greatly impacted by the current pandemic, we understand the business challenges that you may face over the coming weeks and how it important it will be for businesses to be able to respond quickly to developments as they unfold.

Howes Percival have an advice page on their website with lots of advice and information to assist with COVID -19 related issues. Check the website here

At this challenging time Howes Percival is pleased to offer British Marine members with 30 minutes of free legal advice to assist them in responding to COVID-19.  

More information - Click here

To get in touch, please contact Sara Gonzalez: 07923 250650 /

IBB Solicitors

IBB Solicitors offer a full service law firm offering advice to both business and personal clients, but at the moment I think that the most relevant areas we cover that are likely to be of help to British Marine members are:
1. Contracts  - we have a commercial team which deals with all types of commercial contracts, so we will be able to review these and see what terms may be relevant in the current situation (e.g. force majeure);
2. Litigation/Dispute Resolution – our team is able to advise on all aspects of commercial dispute resolution, including debt recovery and contract disputes;
3. Employment – our specialist employment lawyers can deal with any employment related issues which members may have, including the Government furlough scheme. 

 The below links show blog posts, which give a flavour of the guidance we are offering:

Contact:  John Clement - 01895 201721 or email

Insurance assistance from Hayes Parsons

Insurance and risk management advice from Hayes Parsons Insurance Brokers

As one of the UK’s leading marine trade insurance specialists, Hayes Parsons are happy to help all British Marine members with any queries they may have around their current or future insurance arrangements.  They have launched a Covid-19 resource hub that is being updated daily and can be accessed here

Hayes Parsons are happy to talk to and advise any BM member regardless of whether they are a client of theirs or not. If you wish to speak to one of their specialist insurance brokers please email or call our Head of Marine, Darren Harris, on 07785 426 360.    


Free Consultation from Thomas Miller Law LTD

Thomas Miller Law Ltd are able to offer British Marine Members a free 45 minute consultation on maritime legal and insurance matters


Charles Patterson  - 07843 280647
Howard Quinlivan – 07736326121 or email

Office- 01752 226 020