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Department for Education Guidance

The Department of Education has issued guidance for the following: Coronavirus (COVID-19): guidance for apprentices, employers, training providers, end-point assessment organisations and external quality assurance providers


Training and upskilling resources

During this time of changing work patterns and periods of possible isolation there is a need to keep staff motivated and engaged. There are a number of free online resources available for your staff to use to develop their skills, this could be to improve traditional computer skills such as the use of Excel or Word or specific skills for job roles such as Autocad, Solidworks or Project Management. 

British Marine will be developing a database of online training provision to support members and their staff's development during this time.


British Marine Personal Development Courses

British Marine has developed personal development accreditations to benchmark individuals within the industry to meet rigorous industry standards promoting professionalism and standardisation. The accreditations can also help to market companies and individuals to stand out from competitors and are closely linked to our look for the logo campaign.

Marina Operative course - we have reformatted this popular course to be able to send it electronically. If you are interested in receiving more information or want to order the course, please contact the British Marine Training Team

British Marine Webinars

These sessions have been designed to bring British Marine members up to speed on the very latest COVID-19 news, advice and industry best practices. Click here to view past webinars and register for upcoming webinars 


Free online industry relevant business skills training from

  •     ISO 45001:2018 - Principles of Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems
    This free online ISO 45001 course will familiarise you with the Principles of Occupational Health and Safety prescribed by the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO). New standard ISO 45001 was published in March of 2018, this course will teach you why the ISO has chosen to develop the standard, how the standard works, the potential benefits the standard can deliver to businesses, about the PDCA approach, and more.

  •     ISO Management System Audit Techniques and Best Practices This free online ISO Management System course teaches you about ISO 9001 audit techniques and best practices. It will give you a strong overview of evidence and findings, preparation, and pre-audit activities including system standards, protocols, and methodologies. It will also teach you about how information on the audit scope is presented with reference to physical location, organizational units, and other important considerations.

  •    ISO 14001:2015 - Environmental Management Systems (EMS) 
    This free online ISO 14001 course will familiarise you with the latest Environmental Management Systems (EMS) standard prescribed by the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO). New standard 14001 was published in September 2015, this course will teach you why the ISO has chosen to develop the standard, how the standard works, the potential benefits the standard can deliver to businesses, about the PDCA approach, and more

  •     ISO 9001:2015 - Quality Management System (QMS)
    This free online course shows organizations how to maintain Quality Management Systems according to the ISO 9001:2015 standard. The standard was revised in September 2015 to incorporate some vital changes. This course explains all the clauses, the changes to the standard and outlines the basic concepts of the standard to new learners. By taking this course, you will gain expertise which will make you a valuable asset for companies worldwide.

  •     Diploma in Supply Chain Management - Revised 2017
    This free online course on supply chain management will get you started on the journey of becoming a supply chain management professional. When a product is introduced to the market, one of the most important elements of its release is building and maintaining the supply chain that supports it. This makes supply chain management professionals highly valuable members of the modern economy. This course will help you become one of them.

  •     Administrative Support
    This free online course will teach students about administrative support, including how to get organized, manage time, how to handle special tasks, verbal and non-verbal communication skills, empowering yourself, working as a team of two, and taking care of yourself. So, why wait? Start this course today and learn about how to become an expert in administrative support.

  •     Tourism - Marketing and Promotion – Revised
    This free online course on marketing and promotional campaigns for tourism will teach you the do's and don’ts of a promotional tourism campaign, teaching you how to identify a target audience, and understand your customers' purchasing process. Effective advertising strategies have been the key to the growth of many modern tourism ventures, grow your business today with this free online course in tourism marketing.

  •    Customer Service Training
    This free online Customer Service Training course will teach you how to build top-notch customer service skills. Good customer service skills are essential for any business, and learning the tricks and techniques of good customer service can be hugely beneficial for the personal and professional lives of anyone. Take this free online course today to improve your communication abilities and ace any customer-facing role

  •    Digital Marketing Courses
    Take Alison's free online digital marketing courses and learn how to effectively promote your business, reach a wider audience, and increase brand awareness using different online strategies. Having a business presence on the Internet has become a necessity in today's world. With our training classes, you can learn how to put together a great online marketing strategy that brings results. Want to learn how to set up a website for your business? We teach that too! You can also study Google AdSense and learn what it can do for your website, and more.

  •    Social Media Marketing Courses
    Learn how to use social media platforms to manage marketing campaigns, increase sales, and meet your targets, with Alison's free online Social Media Marketing courses. We have small business classes where you can learn social media strategies and use them as powerful tools and get instant feedback on your products, stay up-to-date with key industry conversations, and greatly extend your products’ reach. With our training course, you will also learn how to research and plan for a dynamic website as well as to measure and enhance social media engagement.


  •    Software Tools Courses
    Become more productive with Alison's free online Software Tools courses. Designed to help you become more efficient in the workplace, our training classes will teach you everything you need to know about creating worksheets, documents, powerpoints, and more. By taking our Microsoft Excel 2013 course, you'll learn its features and functionality and become a confident spreadsheet user, while joining the Microsoft Outlook 2013 classes will really boost your productivity skills. Our PowerPoint 2013 course will also turn you into a presentation superstar. So why wait? Start learning, today.

  •    Core IT Skills Courses
    If you want to learn computer basics and productivity programs in the comfort of your home, take Alison's free online Core IT Skills courses. In this day and age, everything revolves around computers. With our Microsoft digital literacy classes, you will learn IT basics and how the Internet works as well as study productivity programs which will be very useful in developing your social and professional skills. We also offer training courses in digital lifestyles where you will look into useful technologies including MP3 players, digital cameras, smartphones, and more.






General Computer Programme Training

Introtweet Ltd - Social media training

Three hours long online workshops run by Zoom, on the following topics:

- Harnessing the Potential of LinkedIn for Business - Get Tickets
- Social Media Content Workshop - Get Tickets
- Instagram for Business Workshop -  Get Tickets
- Facebook - Beating the Algorithm - Get Tickets

Sessions are all recorded and then sent to the attendees together with an accompanying presentation and resource pack

Introtweet also offer 1-1 training sessions, delivered via Zoom. These are also recorded and sent to the attendee. contact to book one to one sessions

10% off for British Marine Members Use code BM10 when booking online workshops


Maritime Training Academy

Study at home with the Maritime Training Academy! All of our courses are delivered by distance learning and can be studied from the comfort of your own home. Flexibility allows you to work at your own pace and allows you to step away from studying as and when needed. 

MTA offer a wide range of courses within various industry’s such as Superyachts, Boats, Shipping, Surveying and much more. As they specialise in providing courses by distance learning they pride themselves in the service we offer those who study remotely with them – so regardless of where you are you will never feel alone in your studies!




Free Online Courses from Open University

  • Marketing in the 21st Century
    This free course, Marketing in the 21st century, offers a managerial perspective on how to deliver more effective marketing in an organisation, regardless of whether it is based in the private, public or non-profit sector. This is achieved through a variety of learning techniques, including case studies, videos, activities and group discussions. Supporting this learning, students are encouraged to become critical thinkers about both how they undertake their own decisions, as well as how marketing influences our society.

  • Digital literacy: succeeding in a digital world
    This free course, Digital literacy: succeeding in a digital world, will develop your confidence and skills for life online, whether study, work or everyday life. It explores a range of digital skills and practices, including digital identity, digital well-being, staying safe and legal, finding and using information and online tools, and dealing with information overload. The importance of developing a critical approach to life online is emphasised throughout, whether consuming or creating information. You'll be encouraged to reflect on your own situation and to apply what you learn to real-life scenarios, using a digital skills plan to keep a record of progress

  • Risk management
    The course is the result of collaboration between The Open University and Rolls-Royce PLC. This collaboration has ensured that contemporary theories about risk management are explored within the context of an international company that is required to apply these theories in its business practices. This eight-session course examines how to practise good risk analysis and then apply successful processes to manage it. The course is supported by case studies and audio-visual materials to help explain the varied and often complex risk management practices employed at Rolls-Royce and widely elsewhere.

Resources from Red Square Medical

Red Square Medical  have set up a Free Online Resource Library.

"So, when Covid-19 took over the world and all of our training courses were cancelled, we found ourselves working from home and wondering how on earth we could continue to support our wonderful seafarers.Our Lead Medical Consultant, Liz Baugh, has wanted to have a free resource library since the company's inception but never had the spare time to put one together. Well, she has been learning how to use the software (still looks worryingly wooden when being videoed) and is trying to create supportive documents to download and has put the first 4 modules in to our new vault."

Click here to go to the resources.

Red Square Medical hope you enjoy their content and would love to get some feedback from you. Get in touch if there is anything particular you want them to cover.

SeaRegs Training

Searegs have developed a series of online lectures in the form of specific subjects on set dates and times with one of their expert instructors.The sessions will be open to a limited number of participants who will be able to take an active part in the face to face video sessions. For companies who would like to enrol a group of employees, Searegs are able to add extra dates at a time to suit and they can tailor the subjects to your requirements.

Each session is for 2 hours and three different sessions are scheduled a day: 9 to 11, 12 to 14 and 15 to 17. Attendance certificates can be awarded. 

  • Colregs – in depth Rules 1-19 - Wed 29/4
  • Safety Management systems - ISM/DSM and IPV Code -Thu 30/4
  • Record Keeping, Chart Corrections and Vessel Certification - Tue 5/5
  • Navigation Refresher - Tue  Wed 6/5
  • Radar and Electronic Navigation - Thu 7/5
  • Exam Prep day - Tue 12/5
  • Disaster day, what to do if... - Wed 13/5
  • Safe access, Bridge Watch keeping and publications - Tue 28/4, Thu 14/5

Once registered, Searegs will send you literature to print out and login details to join the group for the session
Please click here for full information 

The cost of each session per person is £25 or £65 if you book all three. British Marine Members will get a 10% discount when enrolling 4 or more people to these lectures
1:1 sessions will also be available at £80 per 2 hours

To register, contact: or ring 01752 408270 or 07711 022003