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Howard Pridding, BMF, Jesse Norman, MP and Mat Hornsby, Director, Williams Jet Tenders at the London Boat Show 2017, Excel, London. Copyright OnEditionThere will be times when your business may need to talk to the local council, a navigation authority, a regulator or even a government department. As a lone voice among many, you might struggle to get a hearing, let alone any action.

That's where British Marine is often able to step in and offer the years of experience and network of contacts of its External Relations team to address the very specific needs of your business. 

Here are examples of the type of work we can do to support our individual member companies:

  • introduce you to your local MP, highlighting the value of your business to the local and national economies;
  • provide letters of support for business development opportunities;
  • broker conversations between you and a regulatory body;
  • raise an issue with a regulator or navigation authority, while maintaining the anonymity of your business.

Please log in to the site to find out more if your business is a member or, if not, then please consider joining the 1600 other marine businesses that we represent and work for across the UK