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lesley robinsonDisrupted times offer great opportunity, provided you are prepared and bold enough to drive the agenda. This is why we have embraced an ambitious and exciting vision – a thriving industry delivering amazing on water experiences for everyone. It summarises our realistic ambition for British Marine’s members out to 2025 and beyond.

To drive that vision into reality, British Marine has created its first National Agenda. It is an achievable and measurable plan that has been carefully crafted by our executive team in close collaboration
with elected member representatives.

We promise that:

  • The National Agenda is an assertive plan that is being implemented now and against which we will regularly measure, report and update.
  • British Marine’s deep skills and resources will be directed towards areas of most impact for members.
  • Members will be placed front and centre of all British Marine activities with service that is personalised to needs, easily accessible and always available.
  • Quality will pervade everything we do, to provide the best membership experiences and influence the raising of standards across the whole industry.

Summarising, our Mission is to deliver outstanding services, representation and products to promote the sustainable success of our members.

This National Agenda is a clear declaration of British Marine’s determination to play a significant and measurable role in supporting you, our members. I commend it to you as our pole star for a bright
future and look forward to your input and engagement in coming months.

Lesley Robinson

CEO, British Marine

Download our full National Agenda here




Download the 2021 update on the National Agenda Here


MCA logo new

MCA releases a new consultation on the Merchant Shipping (Fire Protection) Regulations 2023

21 Jul 2022

The MCA has released a new public consultation on the Merchant Shipping (Fire Protection) Regulations 2023, which would replace the Merchant Shipping (Fire Protection) Regulations 2003 (SI 2003/2950) and the Merchant Shipping (Fire Protection: Large Ships) Regulations (SI 1998/1012).

boats 070722

IMM (Intermediate Marina Manager) Course – Monday 3 to Thursday 6 October 2022, Dubai

21 Jul 2022

General News

The Global Marina Institute (GMI), a partnership between British Marine and Marina Industries Association (MIA), presents the internationally renowned Intermediate Marina Management Course.

welcome 07072022

‘Welcome Afloat’ Customer Service Course - “Deliver a great boating experience”

21 Jul 2022

We are delighted to announce that bookings are now open for this popular one-day training course which will be delivered in-person in Southampton on 28 September. Book early to avoid disappointment.

Weddings 07072022

British Marine welcomes new recommendations from the Law Commission to hold weddings on board

21 Jul 2022

The report provides recommendations to the government following a public consultation in September 2020, seeking views on the current law related to marriage.

boating scotland survey 07072022

Boating Tourism in Scotland Survey 2022

21 Jul 2022

The Boating Tourism in Scotland survey is undertaken every six years and provides vital evidence on how the sailing and leisure boating tourism sector is performing in Scotland.

istockphoto-  07072022

Is it too hot to work?

21 Jul 2022

General News

With temperatures soaring across the UK recently, heat-health alerts were issued, but do you have the right advice and guidance to work safely in hot weather?

HSE logo

HSE reiterate its guidance on safe use of stepladders and ladders at work

21 Jul 2022

General News

To help make sure you use the right type of ladder, and that you know how to use it safely, the HSE website has updated guidance on staying safe when using ladders at work.

environment 07072022

DEFRA introduces and seeks views on Highly Protected Marine Areas (HPMA)

21 Jul 2022

General News

HPMAs are areas of the sea that allow the protection and full recovery of marine ecosystems. By setting aside some areas of sea with high levels of protection, HPMAs will allow nature to recover to a more natural state, allowing the ecosystem to thrive.

20.07.22-Environmental innovation showcase 07072022

Introducing the new Environmental Innovation Showcase at the Southampton International Boat Show

21 Jul 2022

General News

The new Environmental Innovation Showcase, located in Ocean Hall, will shine a spotlight on the best of the marine industry’s new environmental products, highlighting to consumers how the marine industry is becoming greener and cleaner and what they can do to become a more environmentally conscious boater.

Paul Gullett (2) - BM President 07072022

Paul Gullett named new British Marine President

21 Jul 2022

General News

Robert Parton named President-Elect and Matthew Beckwith named Chair